Saturday, February 4, 2012

Symptomatic Treatment

Okay, here's my disclaimer, right off the bat....I know just enough to be dangerous and I am sure that this is a very simplistic view point.

I think that today we've forgotten that "the hip bone's connected to leg bone..." We are a physical, spiritual, emotional being.  All of those dimensions are related and work together.  And, we've become so specialized in medicine that sometimes I think that a particular specialist doesn't ever look outside of "his box". 

I think this applies to addiction medicine maybe a little less....but the public at large, still only views the symptoms and they do so with prejudice, ignorance and little tolerance.  Just my opinion.

Today I am thankful for our medical professionals.  I pray that they will look beyond.  I pray for an increased awareness of the problems our kids now face.  I pray for recovery and I say a prayer for Henry.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely true! People say they believe it's a disease, but their actions don't mirror that. I catch myself doing it!!