Monday, February 20, 2012

My Lenten Journey

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  Catholics around the world will go to mass and receive ashes (the burned palms from the previous years palms) ; a visual and physical reminder that from dust we were created and to dust return.

Many people will "give up" something for Lent.  This is a little reminder of the sacrifice that was given for each of us.  This year I have elected to add something.  I am taking "The Ignatian Adventure."  The priests known as "The Society of Jesus" or the "Jesuits" practice "The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius." These are exercises in contemplation, confession and prayer.  There was a priest named Father Ed Dowling who befriended Bill Wilson (co founder of AA) and felt that the steps of AA were much like the   spiritual exercises.

I tend to agree.  The exercises teach me to get to know myself and my creator, much like the twelve steps.  They help me to see my wrongs and make an effort to correct them, much like the twelve steps.  They force me to get away and take care of myself so that I might learn Gods will for my life.  Sound familiar?

Last year, early in my recovery process I drove past a massive hill.  As a little girl, I'd often say, "one day I'm gonna climb that hill."  I don't know why but getting to the top of a massive hill looked so cool.  So, I took my daughter and we climbed the hill.  It was a great adventure.

This year I'm taking my best friend.  I think it'll be great fun.  It is  a departure from our regular day.  I just want to share my quirky longings with those I love.  I am choosing to do this fun thing even though things are hard.  Instead of stewing over something that I have no control over, I am choosing to celebrate what I can.

If you're looking for something this lent, please join me in this lenten adventure.

Today I pray for those who struggle.  I pray for vision of God's will and healing.  And, as always I say a prayer for the soul of Henry, my grandfather.

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Lou said...

As I get inundated with internet social sites, and other electronic time sucks, I really admire taking the time to do something that requires quiet, true introspection, and respect. Good on you, Hattie. This will be good for the heart and soul.