Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cornicopia of "Catch Up"

My best friend buying flowers in favorite place to be...

It's been a little nuts in my world.  I've been going to lots of appointments and tests for my heart.  I've learned that I have sinus tachycardia....essentially a rapid heart rate for no apparent reason.  The main problem (for me) is that when your heart rate is 140 - 160 when your standing at the kitchen counter cutting up veggies, your exhausted and can't wait to sit on the couch growing further and further out of shape.  Luckily I'm on a medicine to slow the rate and so I am trying to get a grip on my health (weight) now.

I went to the jail yesterday and started a new session of Homeward Bound.  I take an AlAnon meeting to the women there but they bless me.  I find it interesting what people say to you in what they don't say.  I had one girl tearfully say that she was an opiate addict and that there was no hope for her and an older lady tell me that she had previously been in rehab for 90 days and she already knew everything about the 12 step program ( she was in for a second DUI).  I believe the opiate addict is closer to a change than her.....

I submitted an article to a big (for me) magazine for publication.  Fingers are crossed and prayers said.  Please say a little prayer for me.  My house is on the market again.  We had buried St. Joseph upside down in the yard ( a catholic tradition/superstition) but it bugged hubby so he dug him up and placed him in the window facing the Mary statue in the herb garden.  Prayers for the sale of our home before we have to cut the 3 acres of grass again this spring, Please!!

Lastly, I want to say that counseling is the best gift.  Hubby and I are learning so much and it has been so wonderful.  I am at a place in my life, my marriage and my family that I could have never seen being.  Last night hubby, my son and I drove to the college town where my girls are to bring the baby an inhaler.  The girls and the boyfriend met us for dinner.  In the midst of laughter and good food, it occurred to me....I have my whole family here, having fun, no tension, no worries, no judgement...just us real and naked from the past and it was in that moment where I realized just how very blessed I have become.

Today I say a prayer of thanksgiving for my family and my ability to embrace it, warts and all.  I am thankful for finding Jesus in each of you and in the girls at the jail....He's so much easier to find in you guys than in those who are afraid to live honestly.  I pray for those still in crisis and I say a prayer for Henry.

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Anonymous said...

Love your posts!

How sad to feel hopeless..glad you are doing something to try to change that for the women.