Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lenten Practices

I met with my girls on Friday for lunch.  Sometimes I worry about them because so much emphasis has been put on their brothers addiction.  Now that he is in a better place, they are away at school.  But Friday was a day where I could look at just how great they really are. 

It is lent and as young adults they now have the freedom (or not) to practice the faith.  We had a nice lunch with the Dad and his assistant.  We had a great time.  We listened to all sorts of animated tales.  The oldest tried to help a friend who suffers from depression.  The friend wasn't ready to hear about it or to want help.  She was very distressed at how angry the friend was with her.  Later I said to her that perhaps forgiving and letting go of this friend until or unless she was ready would be a good Lenten exercise for her.

Quietly, she said she would think about it.  Then both girls excitedly told me how each day they would mention two things that they were grateful for and that they were praying for hateful people!!  I have to say that it really warmed my heart.  My young adult daughters had that childlike exuberance about their plan which came about when a friend cried because someone was so hateful to her.  So, they decided to pray for those who are hateful!!!  Pretty mature.....don't ya think?  Wouldn't it be great if world leaders and politicians felt this way? 

Today I am thankful for my girls.  I am thankful that they fight for right over wrong and are willing to consider doing the hard things.  I am thankful for my Lenten journey and I pray for Henry.

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