Monday, February 13, 2012

Casting Out

Hubby and I went to the movies Saturday to see "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close".  While the critics squawked about how improbable a tale it was, I loved it.  Coming off of years of addiction and recovery, I found it to be raw and real in many ways. 

The thing that resonated with me was how Oscar's dad (Tom Hanks) life continued to ripple long after he was gone.  Many times addiction is such a long and slow road to recovery that it becomes discouraging.  All of the hard work and changes made take so long for both the family and the addict to see that the debris from the past and past mistakes seem to never abate.  This movie showed how the positive just like the negative of the past can ripple forward and continue to touch the lives of others. 

Earlier Saturday, while working at hubby's office, a client came in.  I had seen him when things were really low and hard.  Hubby and I had broken down when he asked how our kids were doing.  We had told him how sick with worry we were.  Then a few months earlier I had seen him and his friend and sat down and talked....really talked, from my heart about how little really mattered other than the health and safety of our families.  When he came in Saturday, he said to me, with shaking voice, how my honesty had touched him. 

Wow, how kind of him to let me know that.  Many times folks sit in judgement.  You never really know how you will affect others. 

Today, I say a prayer of thanksgiving for the gifts that come back around.  I pray for the struggle that addiction brings.  I pray for those affected with and by the disease will live to see the gifts of recovery and I say a prayer for Henry.


Annette said...

I think people can sense the difference between an honest broken parent and a parent who is justifying and defending and living in denial. I think parents who are sharing their sorrow in a very real way touch something in most people....I think everyone understand, it could be any of us. If it was could be me. Bless your heart for letting your realness and your honesty shine through. That takes a lot of courage.

beachteacher said...

What a beautiful response you received,...& isn't it true,..we really don't know what it will be ? So many really don't understand,...& stand in such judgment.

And I want to see that movie too.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised I haven't heard much about the movie.I'll have to check it out.

The moments of connection with others is what makes life beautiful.