Thursday, January 12, 2012

Signs are Everywhere

I love, love, love it when I feel the hand of God.  It's rare when (probably) I recognize it.  I am sure that it happens more often than I notice.  My sister had planted these climbing rose bushes and they had really started to grow.  But, they had yet to bloom.  She was growing frustrated with them and was considering cutting them down.

Our mother had died in November and it was  Mother's day.  Sister was having a tough time grieving.  Mother's day was a big deal.  My mom lived next door to my sister and as she was looking across the way towards my mother's house she was thinking what a hole our mother left when she noticed to her amazement that her rose bushes were LOADED with rose blooms. 

She always felt that our mom was saying,'s okay, I"m here with you.  It was a beautiful gift.  Another blogger friend shared with me this most amazing, beautiful story of the hope God gives in the midst of our heartbreaks.

Going down the dark roads that life takes us, teaches us the most.  I pray that you have the courage to travel to the most fearful places in order to unearth the gifts underneath.  I pray for strength, I pray for hope but mostly I pray for LOVE for you and your family.  And as always a prayer for the soul of Henry, my grandfather.

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Lou said...

thanks, Hattie. It really was an event that changed our lives over time.