Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking Towards Warmer Days....

Today is one filled with beautiful, glorious sunlight.  It literally changes my view of my life and the world.  The light helps me to hope for sunny, warm days by a pool or on a southern California beach.  It gives me hope for days of respite. 

Today I had a counseling session and the counselor kept asking me how I felt about certain things.  It was astounding to me how the twelve step program gave me a new view.  I was shocked at how I used to view things such a short time ago.  And, I was so grateful at how I have such a calmer, clearer view of things now. 

Funny, how something that turns your world upside down shakes it into focus.  Today I am grateful for this new world view.  I am thankful for the calm that a twelve step program gives.  I pray for each of you as you work your programs.  I pray for the beaches in all of our futures and I say a prayer for Henry. 

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