Monday, January 23, 2012

Enable or Contribute?????

One of the things that my son still fussed about was our decision to kick him out while he was using.  The other day, we found out about someone we knew who had a history of drug use.  Me, hubby and son were lamenting his situation.  Both hubby and I were questioning why they would allow him to live there without a job knowing that he was still using.

I said, "as hard as it is, kicking him out might be the only way to get him back."  Son asked, "why?"  I said, " because allowing him to live there gives him the freedom to use any money towards using instead of living."  "By contributing food and lodging, he can use his money to use."  "They are contributing to his ability to use."  "I get it,"  he said.  I agree with that.  Wow.  As Oprah would Ah Ha moment for sure. 

Today I say a prayer of thanksgiving for connections, second, third, and fourth chances (mine too), and strength for the day.  I pray for this young man in this story and all those known and unknown who walk this terrible path with him.  I pray for direction for their parents and as always a prayer for Henry.

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Lou said...

That's funny-- "I get it". I can totally hear my son saying that.