Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seven Times Seventy

You often hear of folks finding God in the rooms filled with alcoholics and addicts.  And, I've often wondered if it was merely the "at the bottom" kind of spiritual awakening or is it something else?  This weekend we went to the family weekend at my son's 12 step retreat. 

The family counselor made a very good point that has been hanging around in my mind ever since.  She said that when an alcoholic "falls off the wagon" and he comes back to an AA meeting, he is given a white chip that says that they desire to quit drinking or using.  And if they go out and drink or use the very next day they can still come back and they will be encouraged to try again.  They will always be encouraged to try again, there will never be any judgement and they are never given up on.

I must say that all people could learn a thing or two from those recovering alcoholics and addicts about the forgiveness that the church teaches; seven times you ever see it lived more fully?

Today I am thankful for the lessons that AA,NA and AlAnon teach.  I am thankful for the lessons gleaned because of addiction.  I am thankful for good counselors.  I say a prayer for my son and yours and I say a prayer for Henry.

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