Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Catch Up of Sorts

Today is supposed to be the closing day on my house, but they moved the closing to Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.  That means that I will be moving 1-2 days prior to Thanksgiving.  With patience not being one of my virtues, I find myself whining and complaining, nervous and frustrated and an all around hot mess as my younger friends would say.

The office server went down yesterday which meant buying a new server.  When we got the new gee- whiz, fast as lightning computer installed, we learned that our practice management software is not compatible with Windows 8 so now I have to purchase Windows 7 to downgrade my recent upgrade....

We've moved the old dog to the clinic to live.  He is 13 yrs old and a big dog.  So far we have had to buy him a new bed and do a lot of grooming.  Then, one night he chewed the barn doors in an effort to go outside, or die trying.  We decided to buy a dog door and an electronic fence system so that he can go potty and not get out of the fence and get hit by the busy traffic.  We discovered that despite the fact that we keep his monthly flea protection up to date, he had fleas.  So, we went to the small animal vet and purchased the meds for an instant kill and will look for a new maintenance product as he is probably becoming resistant after all these years.  His hips don't work so well so now we are looking at a heated pad for his crate for the winter. My guess is that once we purchase all of these items, his time will come.....not that I'm a skeptic.

This has become quite a strain on our already strapped, stretched ready to snap financial situation.  And so I wonder,  What, are you wanting me to learn from this, Lord?  What is it that I'm not getting, because I want to get it, already. 

On a good note, because there is always a good note, a family member who had relapsed has asked for help.  For those of you out there living in the midst of addiction, you know just how big that is.  And, this weekend is family week at my son's 12 step immersion retreat.  I really do look forward to that.  Friday will mark 25 days(29 days since we sent him to detox but tapering down with Suboxone)  totally drug free and so it will be interesting to see him totally clean.

The girls at the jail are really impressive.  Two of the five have acceptances from Sober Living communities and the others whose release dates are getting closer are working on a plan.  I'm so proud of their work.

If I am quiet the next week or so, you will know that we have started our move and a new chapter.  I'm very excited for this to begin.  Today, I am thankful for nephew asking for help, son working on sobriety, blog friends, regular friends and hope for tomorrow.  I pray for our addicted loved ones for healing and  to persevere in the program.  And as always a prayer for Henry.


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