Friday, June 1, 2012


I must introduce you all to this Jesuit (Society of Jesus) priest that is A-MAZ-ING!!!  His name is Father Greg Boyle or "G" as most ex gang members in Los Angeles call him.  He has started this rehab or sorts to help young gang members to become productive members of society. 

Why, you might ask, are you talking about gang rehab on a blog dedicated to addiction?  Well, it is because, in MY opinion, many of the things important to the healing of these kids are also important to the healing of our kids. 

Father G talks about the "nomatterwhatness" no matter what you have done, you are loved and are worthy of love.  He offers hope and a chance to those who may have never had either. 

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Today, I say a prayer of thanksgiving for examples like Father G.  I am thankful for hope.  I pray, fervently for our sons and daughters and I say a prayer for Henry.


Annette said...

Is this the same guy who wrote the book Tattoos on my Heart? Or something like that? I ordered that on Audible to listen to while I walk. I am finishing something else first though. Thanks for sharing Hattie.

Hattie Heaton (Mom of an Addict) said...

Yes it is and you will love him!!!