Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying to Control God....

I've been feeling that fear creeping back into my life again.  This always means that I am trying to control again.  Usually, I take my fears to prayer and I find such comfort.  The thing that I found myself doing in prayer that brought me no relief was telling God what I wanted, and how I wanted it!h

Now I am praying, "heal my son".  I am leaving it to God. Now I am finding relief again.  I wonder why I feel that I know what is best?  I am guessing that this will be a cross for me to bear.  I was put on this earth to follow the will of God.   I need to remember this, everyday. 

Today I pray a prayer of thanksgiving for this insight.  I pray that God will help me to continue to let go and trust. I must have faith.  I must live MY life. I must keep detaching from his.  I pray for all of you who might struggle with this very issue and I say a prayer, as always, for Henry.

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