Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Don't Want to be a Member......

I am a member of Al Anon.  I love the peace that this program brings.  And, I love the ladies who bring understanding and comfort to me.  Our fearless leader (even though she wouldn't call herself a leader) is this walking body of calm and insight.  I just love her.  She is tapped in to God directly, I am sure.  She radiates this peaceful feeling that we can all make it and make it joyfully. 

I agreed to take over as treasurer because our leader looked at me with that kind look which asked me to without her ever saying a word.  So, I did it.  This required me going to the bank and taking off the name of one person and adding my name.  The name we took off was the name of a mom whose daughter, an addict, took her own life.  Her mom has not been able to come back.  The lady who was there is the mother of a 42 yr old addict.  Last night, my son came home, obviously drunk, even though he loves his job.  That defines addiction.  No matter how much you care about anything else, the addiction comes first.

I had 3 Cesarean sections.  The first time was hard but it was a new experience.  The second and third times, I had such a dread of the pain to come.  I knew the pain and knew I had to walk through it, but the end result was a good one.  I know the pain that I'm about to walk through and I dread it.  I hope and pray that there is a good outcome at the end. 

I am sick to think that I am the part of a group that has so much hurt brought to it's members.  I love them, but I don't want to be here.  I'm tired.  I am sick and tired.  I want a break.  So, this is another place where I must pray, give me the strength;  show me the way....

Today I am thankful that I have these lovely ladies and all of their wisdom.  I pray for their continued strength.  I ask for guidance and strength.  I pray for my son to want help, from God.  I pray for him to be able to see what this is doing to him before it goes bad again.  I pray for all of you that follow and that I follow.  And, I say a prayer for Henry.

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