Monday, March 5, 2012

The Color of Water

I met a fellow blogger on Saturday.  I've been reading her blog for over a year and always loved her perspective, ability to look beyond the norm, humor and kindness.  In the beginning, all I knew about her was that she had a son who was a recovering heroin addict.  She knew that I had a son who had an addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

The more I would read her blogs, the more I liked her.  She was like this invisible friend.  Perhaps like a pen pal we used to have, back in the day.  But, she always clicked with the way I saw things.  Slowly I began to learn a few odd facts about her life. And, I imagine she learned a few about me.

I'd like  to give you a slice of what I know about my friend.  She is a realistic "glass half full" kind of gal.  She is a fighter for her kids and her family.  She isn't afraid to look at those that society may have tossed aside.  She looks beyond and gives them a piece of her heart and fights with them.  I don't think that she has room in her life for's so unimportant.  She has learned many painful lessons along the way and shares them with anyone who is willing to receive.  She is a crazy exerciser.  She has already buried and mourned her expectations for her children.  She now sees how little they matter.
She sees God's hand in much of her life.  She doesn't judge and enjoys having fun.  She is a boasting Grandma! 

Now, let me tell you what I learned about her after meeting her.  She has brown short hair.  She is totally fit.  She is white.  She has a few freckles.  I learned her whole name and met her daughter and granddaughter.  I learned that she started out Catholic before trying "those churches that have three rock n roll songs and a thirty minute feel good message" and finally to Judaism. 

I read a book called "The Color of Water".  It is about a biracial couple.  The wife is Jewish and the husband is a black southern Baptist.  One of the kids once asked his mom what color she thought Jesus might be and she replied that she thought he must be the color of water. 

My point is this, we became friends (to borrow some really great words) based on the content of our character rather than the color of our skin or race, religion, political party or socioeconomic standing.

If I can say one good thing about this journey that addiction has taken me on, it would be this;  nothing matters except love......unconditional love. Nothing else...... I learned this fact the hard way but I'm hoping that because of that it means it will "stick."   It was so odd sitting there with her at lunch because I felt like I knew her heart and her face was like a total stranger!!  What a neat way to make friends. 

Today I am thankful for the gifts of insight that this disease taught me.  I am also thankful for all the wonderful people it has tapped me into.  I pray for all of our loved ones affected by this disease and as always, I say a prayer for you, Henry because I'm not sure anyone else would.

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Lou said...

I ordered the book as soon as I got back.

Your description of me is overly kind!

Can't wait to do it again. I felt like I was with a sister...