Saturday, September 24, 2011

Find Me Day 5...Awareness

"We have to be aware of the poor to love them."

Mother Teresa pointed out that if we knew the poor, then we would have more awareness of them.  To be aware is to give attention to it.  Once we do that it is much harder to walk away.  To know our addicted loved ones, we must first come to know ourselves and our motives by taking an honest moral inventory of ourselves (step 4).  Thomas A Kempis says "We are quick enough at perceiving and weighing what we suffer from others, but we mind not what others suffer from us." 

Before I continue to judge those who stigmatize addiction, I must first be aware of the ideas that I might have that are formed without the proper awareness, attention and understanding.  Before I judge an action that my son might take, I need to be aware of the "whys" that a particular action causes fear and concern in me.  As Socrates said, "Know Thyself." 

I imagine that it will take a lot of practice to learn to be focused.  Today, I am thankful of the need to understand myself.  I am thankful that this self discovery not only aids me in an understanding that helps me to reduce my fear but also to help me extend myself to others.  I pray for daily discoveries, the health of our loved ones and as always a prayer for Henry.

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