Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Long and Winding Road

We are at the stage of the game that leads to really good places and really tough places.  We have uncovered so much that was hidden by the anesthesia of drug addiction each day and even though the addiction is "in remission"??  we have other battles ahead.  Anxiety is a big problem.  Getting help for someone who is afraid of taking medication is problematic.  

I have so much to be thankful for but this long and winding road has really begun to wear on me both physically and emotionally.  I feel good about my decisions and then an hour later I question.  I'm really tired.  I don't know how to proceed.  

Today, I say a prayer of thanksgiving that we are dealing with the issues underneath the addiction.  I pray for guidance and strength.  And, I say a prayer for Henry.


beachteacher said...

Oh Hattie,...this is so tough. I'll be praying for your son. It seems that all of our addicts have underlying anxiety, from what I've observed. For our son,...medication (legal & prescribed kind) helps greatly. I pray that yours will become open to the idea of that. It's so related to brain chemistry. There really is so much hope,...& I know that prayer & time can create amazing positive changes. God bless you both.

2hope4 said...

"Getting help for someone who is afraid of taking medication is problematic"....we are also at this crossroads...i just don't get it...our son feels weed helps him as much for anxiety as the legal hard...i appreciate your blog; it has helped me realize i'm not alone....thank you