Friday, March 28, 2014

Peace for the Day

Wednesday was tea party day at the jail.  Every "semester" of the Homeward Bound program we have a tea party for the ladies in the program.  This tea party is the work of one older lady who volunteers there teaching job readiness...crocheting...crafting all the while she is loving the stuffing out of each and every inmate.  Her name is Louise but she is affectionately called Weesie. 

Every tea party honors someone as well as the girls.  This time they honored the program coordinator.  One of the inmates painted a picture of hands holding the earth with chains broken and falling from those hands.  Mrs. Weesie brought in a cd of the song "Break the Chains...Amazing Grace" which I had never heard before.  She said that it would be our devotion.  As it began to play a few sang quietly along.  Then as the familiar Amazing Grace part began, those singing seemed to loose all of their inhibitions and we all began singing with wild abandon.  It was a very cool moment.  Margins erased.  Just one big group of ladies all wanting to help each other along in this life. 

Life in my home has not been easy.  The Dad and I have different views on helping our boy.  We both love him.  But, I need to let him go to love him in a healthy fashion.  The Dad feels a sense of guilt over not being there for him when he was young.  At the time, his focus was on work.  So he is trying as I guess we all have to have some impact.  It's hard for me to be around.  I will keep my boundaries firm and let them work out their own.  It isn't perfect but it's all I've got right now.

I'm thinking of buying tickets to see the Great Divorce at the performing arts center this weekend.  And the daughter was offered a position in the PhD program at Louisiana Tech.  It will be a big step for her but I know that she is ready.  That's all I've got.  A little bit of grace sprinkled with challenges of this disease and with life.  But for today, I have found some peace and I guess that is enough.

Praying for us all. 


Annette said...

Oh gosh, the beginning of this post made me cry. Weezie, singing Amazing Grace with women who are truly experiencing the grace of God in their lives, accepting love and compassion when they probably feel like they least deserve it. What a beautiful picture you painted there.

I relate to the rest too. I have a one time overnight job tonight and I can't wait to get there. lol The woman is in her 90's and loves to watch Fox news. That is how desperate I am for a respite. lol

Hattie Heaton said...

Not a Fox news fan, Annette? LOL I totally want to escape because why watch what you have no control over? It's great having you listen to my ramblings. And great to follow you in your journey. I'm glad for the company.