Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gifts to Bring

Today is hubby's birthday.  This his him at work today, radiographing the secretary's Pomeranian.  Last weekend we had a wienie roast in honor of his birthday.  It is our birthday ritual for Dad.  It was what his mom and Dad did for his birthday when he was a kid.  A lovely memory I am sure.  Hot dogs and S'mores, chips and dip old friends and new.  Another lovely memory.

The girls both came home for the event.  The son was there.  All of the kids from work (our work kids as we call them) our neighbors friends.  It was an eclectic group.  It is our village of kindred souls.  We are so lucky because as different as we all are, they all wanted to be there for hubby.  They wanted to celebrate his life. 

Our house has a contract on it.  The last inspection is tomorrow at 3 pm CST.  If we get through this we feel pretty good about the sale going through.  In the process of boxing up and cleaning out, we have discovered so much CRAP.  Why on earth did we feel the need to purchase, hold on to, store so much that only gathers dust, clutters and decays? 

Hubby and I went to lunch at the club we've joined and they had the doors wide open with the sun shinning down on the lake.  What a marvelous treat to eat in the fresh air.  After lunch, the son and I went on a walk.  We were looking for the pecan trees that line the creek on the 100 acres that joins our property.  You have to move fast or the squirrels will clean them out.  It was such a beautiful day.

We found the fruit?  I'm guessing growing close to the ground.  We googled it and thought that maybe it was passion fruit.  But, I don't know that much about it.  It was a day to reflect on the gifts that matter. 

Today, I am thankful for the hubby and his life.  I am thankful for the beautiful Autumn season.  I am thankful for friends and family.  I pray for all of those facing life's hardships to begin to enjoy life's real gifts.  And, I say a prayer for Henry.

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