Monday, September 17, 2012

Do You Remember...

The seventeenth day of September....  On this seventeenth day, twenty-one years later, I like to remember the gift of that day.  A daughter was born.  A child who embodies nurturing love, even to her detriment, at times.  A beautiful, intelligent, confident young lady who will leave a distinguished mark on this world as soon as she realizes what her father and I already know about her.

Only the baby for 14 months, when little sister arrived;  This child would wake and bring me two diapers each morning, one little, one her size, without prompting.  I'm fairly certain that her example potty trained her sister and she taught her to tie her shoes.  She loves to help those in need and has a soft, kind heart once you get past the tough exterior.

Our Asian pediatrician always said to me after a visit, "She has good brain."  and she does.  Born just past the school cut off she went ahead with those a bit older but not always wiser, because she was reading at 4 years old. 

She is always in a hurry to get things done....simply because she can without always taking her time to just be.  Just to be and absorb and find all that God has made her to be. 1.   Magnificent.  2.  Holy. 3.   Loving. 4.   Caring.  5.  Diligent. 6.   Intelligent.  7.  Beautiful.  8.  Full of Light. 9.   Intuitive.  10.  Driven.  11.  Articulate 12.  Organized 13.  Kind 14. Cuddly 15.  Nurturing 16.  Competent 17.  Willing 18.  Accepting 19.  Trusting 20.  Inclusive 21.  Uniquely designed by God

And we would not have her any other way;  even though she does keep her father and I on our toes.

Today marks a celebration for Dad and I  because on this day 21 years ago we received the most wonderful gift. 
A daughter who has been in a family with ups and downs.  And, her light still shines so bright.  A daughter who valiantly travels a difficult journey with a broken family;  but one who loves her enough to do the work to heal and start anew.  So on this day, We begin with prayers of thanksgiving for a beautiful daughter;  a calm loving one named for a grandmother who exuded those same traits.    We pray for her strength and fortitude for the journey.  We pray she finds the peace that passes all understanding only found with God.  We pray that she learns to take her time and see the miracle that God created in her.  And we are so excited to watch her unfold into the person that God intends her to be. 
Happy Birthday My Daughter "of Light".  We love you very much.



Coffee mom said...

That's my goddaughter! I love her so!
Happy bday mom!

Have Myelin? said...

What a loving tribute! =)

Annette said...

What a beautiful birthday post. Happy Birthday sweet girl.