Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weary Worry

As I have been consummed with work and a phone that never stays quiet for very long during the summer months, I forget who I am and go back to old ways of worry.  This poem and it's words found me, articulating a need that I was too busy to notice.

I came to Mass today
To hide in Latin words
And smell the dust of ritual. 
I came for sanctuary
Where the powerful and poor
Together kneel
And unstoppable time
Holds still
Like a snapshot in the eye of God.
I came to a place without lessons,
Where no one is distilling truth
Like Tennessee Whiskey.
I came to float like a flower
In a Japanese pool.
I came
For the veins under my skin
To swell like the virgin in Nazareth
And burst wine.
I came for something
You cannot get over the counter.
I came because justice
Will not happen before cocktails.
I came because my child's cold
Did not gather in her chest
Like a summer storm
I came
Because in my nightmare chases
I wake to sweat
The moment before capture.
I came
Because I want it to be true
That I will go in peace
When this Mass is ended.

John Shea


coffeemom said...

Love the poem. Breath. You're right where you're supposed to be today. And God is gazing w love at you. I know it.

Lou said...

"Because I want it to be true"..very nice, we can change our thoughts.

You've had lots of stress the past years, and even lately with the little didn't have time to focus on your goals, or what YOU want from your life at this point.

Our needs change over decades, maybe this discontentment is a sign to take time to examine your life today.

Or maybe I'm full of crappola..that has happened before;)

Hattie Heaton (Mom of an Addict) said...

I love you Lou!! I suspect your first suspision is correct. Change is in the works it just moves ever so slow.