Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Bubble off Plum.....

My world and it's rotation have hit a snag.  This isn't a scientific fact but just a feeling of sorts. .......

I've been training a young girl for sometime.  She was just getting to that point where she would have been the better option than having me at work when she found the grass to be greener on the human side of medicine so now I am out shopping for a new receptionist/Girl Friday for the office. 

I have this feeling that I'm at one of those bargain basements but I got here a little later than the rest of the shoppers.  I am weary from the over confident and want to pick up the poor souls who "but I don't know how to write a resume and I couldn't finish high school because my mother started having seizures" don't really have a clue.  Can you so codependent?

I got a resume from a lady who just a year or so back was arrested for embezzling thousands of dollars from a furniture store in this small (everyone knows your business) town.  She listed the store on her resume and listed that she hadn't worked since April 2010 (wonder why?). 

I got a resume from a lady who graduated Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (I'm thinking wow!!!) in........................ 1965...oh crap....Everyone loooooves animals but I want them to work for their crazy owners and looooooove answering the phone, cleaning and filing. 

And very sadly, our 6 week old foal died yesterday.  The necropsy report listed a atrial valve problem and pneumonia secondary to that. 

Add on to that the ever present limbo we live in with regard to the sale of our house and my bubble is off.......way off plumb. 

Okay what mantra should I chant?  One day at a time......Give it to God........A glass of wine please?    This too shall pass....I type this in jest, sort of..... I thank you for the opportunity to vent and I ask for prayers for strength to persevere and guidance.  The son is doing pretty good (Thanks be to God) And, I say a prayer for Henry.

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Joy said...

Wish I could come apply for the job....

Praying for your Henry. And all of our other lost children.

Glad I found your blog. :)