Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lord Hear Our Prayer....

We have very little control...all of us...regarding anything, except our own boundaries and decisions.  So, when our loved ones are sick or they still don't see that substitutuing alcohol for drugs as a problem, all we have is prayer.

In our humaness, it is hard to wait.  It is hard to say, "not my will but yours, Lord."  But, that is what we have.  It seems like very little when we are impatient.  But, we only need the faith of a mustard seed.  So today, in my frail lenten lack of faith, I pray:  "Please guide my son back into your care.  Give him the strength to fight this disease.  Please help increase my faith.  And I pray for the soul of Henry."

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Piper Burch said...

do you realize you have followers from places i've never heard of??? WOW!