Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Prayers

The Dad, Little Sister and I went to Starbucks before mass this morning.  We were going to meet the Son and Big Sister but we were a little early so we went for coffee first.

Outside of the Starbucks, a double amputee sat in a wheelchair and asked for a little money for a Father's day dinner.  The Dad said he'd catch him on the way out.  Little Sister and I sweetened the coffee while the Dad went back out.  We saw them chatting as we got in the car.

I asked about their conversation.  The Dad said that he had asked if he could spare a little money for a Father's day dinner. The Dad gave him a little money and asked if he was clean and sober.  He told him quite cheerfully that he was.  Then the Dad asked if he prayed.  Yes, he said that he did.  Then could you please say a prayer for my son while he fights to get clean and sober?  Yes was his very serious and thoughtful response.

I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about giving money to the homeless.  But, what the Dad did today touched me very deeply.  Mother Teresa always felt that when she looked at the poorest of the poor, she saw Jesus.  And, scripture backs her up in Matthew 25:35-40 when the passage concludes with what you have done to the least of these my brothers you have done unto me.

But, even beyond that I thought of the scripture that states  But many who are first will be last and the last, first., also found in Matthew 19:30.  This disease has taught us many things but one of the most important was that we are blessed to be in the presence of many who are marginalized.  Asking for prayers from the man in the chair was a moment that I will always hold dear.  I am so proud of the Dad and the man he is coming to be. 
Happy Father's Day to all of you.  Saying prayers for our addicted loved ones, those not with us anymore including Henry.



Annette said...

Well this touched me deeply too. This is another thing that this journey has given us! An ability to SEE those who are viewed as less than. To see their preciousness in the eyes of their Heavenly Father. They have worth and their prayers are heard. Bless your husbands heart for taking a minute... wow.
And if you see him again, add my girl to the list. <3

Kelly Bea said...

Touched my heart reading this tonight!

Hattie Heaton said...

Thanks Annette and Kelly. What better place to seek prayer if Jesus is in "the least of these". Annette, I will, perhaps we are missing our greatest resource of prayer.....