Sunday, March 31, 2013

and the Greatest of these is Love....

The son received the sacrament of confirmation last night at Easter vigil.  He took the body of Christ for the first time.  To say that we have been blessed is an understatement.  Son has just moved out of the recovery house into a little studio apartment where he can walk to mass, meetings and work. 

During this families recovery process, there is always fear, but it seems that our fears become greater when he begins doing well.  He is doing so well now that we all want to collectively hold our breath.  Accepting God's will can be so painfully frightening.  It can also be a tremendous gift.  I am learning that it is the ONLY way. 

One of the things that have been baffling to me have been that during my most difficult times, I have also found the most calm and peace, that is when I have chosen to let go and trust.  I am learning that those crosses in my life are really times of great love.  Regardless of how difficult the time is, it is a journey towards God's love.  It is the path to healing, even if I have to walk through a difficult situation to get there.

The son is learning about love.  He is learning how much he is loved.  Friends have stuck by him.  The bishop worked one on one with him, even in the midst of illness.  Prayers have come from too many places to count.  Our friends have extended a hand in many many ways.  His godparents are there cheering by his side just as hard and as loud as his own parents.  Our Lord gave the ultimate sacrifice for him and for me and for you.

Love is the healing balm....for all of us.  Today I extend prayers of thanksgiving.  I pray for continued strength for all of our loved ones who battle addiction.  I pray that we all continue to look for God's will and to have the strength to carry it out.  And, I say a prayer for Henry.

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Annette said...

A beautiful post Hattie.