Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 15

Last night, I spoke with a mom whose son wanted to deal with his addiction.  Today he is detoxing and will enter a rehab facility when the detox period is over.  A few years ago I would have felt so terrible hearing news of a child going through detox but not today.  Today, I feel so happy for this family.  I know about the reality of relapse.  But, I have also come to the realization that relapse may be a part of the learning process and I appreciate every step forward.

Love really does heal.  I believe that learning to love the whole, broken, warts and all package of our loved ones and radiating that love so brightly that they know it just by looking at us goes a really long way towards healing our addicted loved ones. 

My friend's son is going to a rehab facility where everyone patient is given a 6 week old puppy which they will train and care for and take home when they leave.  I think this is brilliant.  What better example of unconditional love than that of a puppy.  And, learning to care for something, be responsible for be told they are capable of caring for something.  I'm so impressed.

In some ways addiction has been a blessing to my family.  It is a horrible thing don't get me wrong however, it did wake us up to deal with a lot of things we really needed to deal with.  It did help us to see what is really important.  It did help us to really learn to love.  And, to learn how to love more completely. 

Today I am thankful for faith, hope and love.  I am thankful for the journey of recovery.  I am thankful for the clarity that this journey gives.  I am thankful to all of my new blogging buddies.  I pray for continued strength and understanding.  And I say a prayer for Henry.

PS  I didn't mean to publish the widget to ask for money.....just copied and pasted the quote and it came with it and then I couldn't get rid of it....I'm sure it is a worthy cause but I didn't intend to fund raise for them....FYI

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