Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Tell the Truth....damn it!

I've just discovered this new blog written by a recovering addict. The author's aim is to bring into focus the seriousness and epidemic nature of this disease.  The post is both informative and beautifully written.  After reading the very first post, I was sold because she addressed  the one part of addiction that frustrates me the most......TRUTH! 

Lying becomes part and parcel of an addicts life.  The odds of getting a straight answer from an addict are worse than hitting the powerball.  The web of lies confuse and distort my thought processes.  It is so refreshing to have naked honesty.  I would rather hear the ugly truth than a pretty little lie any day of the week because truth is truth.  It is what it is.  It will not go away.  It will eventually come out and when it does trust is broken......again. 

I'm fed up with lies.  Nobody is perfect.  I don't expect anyone to be.  But, I do expect truth.  I deserve it.  We all do.  My son deserves it and so I will give it to him.  No lies in my home, anymore.  I won't live with the whirling debris of addiction. 

Please check out http://genrxation.blogspot.com/  I was so impressed by it.  The first post is so good. 
Today I am thankful for those recovering addicts who light the way for anyone affected by this disease.  I am thankful for their courage and example.  I pray for all those who still struggle.  And I say a prayer for Henry.

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