Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Dad...(is better than your Dad)!!

The days grow longer.  The seconds of daylight have turned into minutes.  They are beginning to add up enough to feel the difference.  They add up to hope.  I am truly a girl in need of the sun. 

My Dad hated winter.  I remember on particularly cold days....say 20 degrees or below, when we would have days strung together so cold and brittle, that he would look at me and say, " I think it's warming up."  He would have willed winter away if he could have.  I am so much like him.  I never saw it,  until he died.  I loved his spirited personality and his eternal optimism.  I loved his appreciation of the outdoors.  I loved that he came from a rough beginning and did not let it define him.  Most of all I loved how safe he made me feel.  I loved that he never doubted me and always saw my possibilities instead of my limitations. 

My son is doing so well.  Yet, I seem to see all of the possibilities for failure.  I am so thankful that he doesn't live here, for his sake as well as for mine.  I wish for my Dad and his calm steady strength.  I wish that he was here to say, "he's got this, that boy can do anything."  I miss him strutting across the floor "doing his little dance" when he was feeling good or trying to cheer us up. 

My son looks like my dad.  He is quite handsome.  I know you're probably saying,"spoken like a true mom".....but, really he is so handsome.  He;s got my Dad's beautiful dark eyes and skin and his Dad's tall physique.  He is really a good looking fella.  And, he's as smart as a tack.  He's beginning to find his faith.  There is every reason for hope. 

I guess this boils down to me needing to find my faith.  I am reminded that the days grow longer.  The sun shines warmer.  We are about to approach springtime and Easter and new births.  What better things to fertilize my faith? 

My prayer for today is one of thanksgiving for such a loving home that I came from.  I am thankful for the progress that my son has made (he's started telling me about his God moments!)  I pray that one day, I can do a little dance around the room and be the one to remind my kids that they are amazing because they were made by God.  I want to be the one to help them see just how great they are.  I pray for an increase in faith, for your sons and daughters and for Henry.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear of a wonderful father in a world were good dads are becoming few and far between. I love hearing stories about good fathers like your's, gives me hope and puts a smile on my face. I'm so glad to hear that your son is doing so well!!

I'm not enjoying this cold weather either by the way, I can't stand the cold, even when here in the south "cold" is anything below 70 degrees!

beachteacher said...

This is a beautiful & heartfelt post. Thanks for sharing it. You're very blessed to have had such a loving dad. I'm sure it's so hard to have lost him.

Sheri said...

I so wish I could have my dad back again if only to take my hand and say "be calm" . It always worked.